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[English Article]My Boring Daily Life

I sometimes wonder if I am really live in this world. I get up early everyday to prepare for a day work. I go to my office, sit down on the chair and stare at the screen all the day until I get off (from work). After I get back home, I go to the supermarket (or grocery store) then prepare dinner. [...]

[English Article]Customer Survey

The most important thing for my company is the customer´s satisfaction. We have a method to measure the costumer´s satisfaction. When a customer calls us to ask something, or because he has a problem with our product, we open a ticket in our system and we try to resolve the customer´s question. When we close the ticket, our system automatically sends the customer an email with [...]

Travel Between Shenzhen & Dali

Dali Ancient City

There is no train available between Shenzhen and Dali, so the travel by air between these two cities is the first choice due to the long distance. and you have to get to Kunming (the capital of Yunan province) in transit , and then find a way to get to Dali We suggest you to [...]

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