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About Tai Chi Quan [English Article]

I feel very strange when I write “太极拳” in English. In my opinion, it should be “Tai Ji Quan”. Whatever, we can understand each other it is enough. I think when you heard tai chi quan, what come into your mind should be a group of seniors playing it, it seems like they are dancing [...]

The importance of quality to be a good supervisor [English Article]

In my opinion a good boss should know your strengths and weakness because If He knows that, He will be able to select the best work for you. Other qualities that He should have are patience and tolerance without becoming a silly person; I mean He should be patient and strict at same time. He [...]

Something About Electricity in Spain [English Article]

These words that I’m going to write might sound strange for you, but it’s the truth. Some years ago, the Spanish government promoted the solar power as an alternative energy because it’s green energy and renewable. In fact, there was a subsidy for people who wanted to buy solar panels to produce their own energy. [...]

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