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How you think if you face bad boos in your company?

Same here.. I was drafted in 1969, served 4 years (they talked me into going RA (Regular Army) vs staying a draftee), got out after the 4 years, couldn’t find a job, so I went back in.. By this time I’d seriously considered doing 20, but since this was after the end of the VN [...]

Age discriminations in workplace

It is mind blowing to me that age discrimination exists. How many years are we really expecting to get out of a candidate you hire today. Is your time horizon really 10 or 20 years? I have to doubt it. If you can hire a great 58 or 63 year-old candidate and get five to [...]

Increse your confidence in interview

One time I have got a job because the interviewer said that she liked when I said that it is “DOABLE”. As it was not an open heart surgery, I though that job was feasible and it was! Believing and trusting yourself is a foundation for confidence. Also, giving a space for taking action and [...]

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