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Are you missing your way in China, or you are a business man and trying to find the way traveling from one to another city in China,  or that you are a foreign tourist and planning to have a visit in China, you could hardly find information on Internet for some of those small cities or towns in China, English is not China’s offical language, not too many English signs for roads, names available in China’s cities, even few of Chinese speaks English, you could probablely be confused while you are in China!

Well, RouteeChina.com is right for you to solve all doubts,troubles in China, we offers various information for people who are going to visit China, who are confusing with their ways in China.

We love traveling, tour is a life style, hope you’ll have a nice journey in China, feel free to contact to us if you are still problem with the ways, routes for your travel by the Email: Routeechina(at)gmail.com, it’s our pleasure to get back to you and solve your trouble.

Tian An Men Square

Tian An Men Square - The Symbol of China

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