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Pronunciation of 3rd tone words in Chinese

How do you pronounce several 3rd tone words in a row in Mandarin? I understand the 3rd tone rule with two 3rd tone words next to each other: hěn hǎo / 很好 would be read aloud as hén hǎo. But how do you pronounce “wǒ hěn xiǎng dǎ lán qiú / 我很想打篮球” with so many [...]

What is the difference between 派出所 and 公安局?

police station

What is the difference between 派出所 and 公安局? ————– A1: 派出所:The grass-roots public security system,belong to the public security bureau,distributed in the communit,to maintain the community security. 公安局:A city can only have one,to maintain the public security of whole city.派出所 is an unit of the公安局。 A2: 派出所 refers to your everyday, local police station whereas 公安局 is [...]

How to understand “避重就轻”?

A1: it’s ” pointing out some incorrect behavior”. actually, sometimes, when one person meets a very important or dangerous or something made him scaring, he always wants to escape from it. At that time, he feels pain because of the important or dangerous thing.And he hates to talk about it, or think about it. At [...]

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