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Routes between Dalian & Jinan

Jinan Baotu Spring

Dalian is an important city in Liaoning province, Jinan is the capital of Shandong province, the cheapest way to travel between these two cities is flight, if you may book a air ticket in advance, you get a good discount and very cheap ticket price. The price will be around RMB300-400. Anyway you may still [...]

Bus Travel between Jinan & Yantai

Yantai Port Bus Station

Bus Schedule From Jinan to Yantai Departure Bus Station: Jinan Long-Distance Bus Main Station (website: Chinese) Add: No.131 Jiluo Rd., Jinan Departure time at Jinan: 6:30 7:50 8:35 9:30 10:20 10:45 11:20 12:10 12:45 13:20 13:50 14:20 15:20 15:50 16:20 17:00 17:40 18:20 19:20 21:20 21:30 (time interval would be changed depends on different [...]

Train Trip: HK to Shenzhen to Shanghai to Jinan and Back (Timetable)

Shanghai South Station | Indoor Glance

The cheapest way traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is that taking shuttle bus directly from HK airport to Huang Gang Custom (China mainland), it will take you HK$100. Turn left then go straight when you reach Hall B in Huang Gang Custom, you will see the direction to mainland bus station. You may ask [...]

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