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Guangzhou – Zhuhai Light Rail Map

Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail (CN-EN)

Guangzhou Zhuhai Light Rail starts to build at 2004, the section between Guangzhou South Station to Zhuhai North was first put to operate at 2011. The distance between Guangzhou South Staion to Zhuhai Station is 116km, designed speed is 200km/h, there is metro line No.2 to connect with Guangzhou South Station, people can get to [...]

Routes Zhuhai to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Zhuhai - Wai Lingding Island

From Zhuhai To Guangzhou Baiyun Airport: Shuttle Bus: There are departure lounge of Baiyun Airport at Zhuhai in following places, you may find your nearest departure lounge to get there, there are shuttle buses traveling between Baiyun Airport and the departure lounge very often: 1. Departure lounge Zhuhai of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (Xiangzhou): No.299 Meihua [...]

Routes from Foshan To Zhuhai

Zhuhai - Wai Lingding Island

Bus: There are buses available the whole day in every bus station, distance is around 150km, ticket price is around CNY55 (standard) / CNY68 (Luxury), it takes around 3 hours in the jourjey, time interval is half an hour. Light Rail: If you are in Shunde, you may take Light Rail to Zhuhai, the ticket [...]

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