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Ways between Shenzhen to Hainan Island

Haikou - Capital of Hainan Province

By Air: The fatest way traveling between Shenzhen and Hainan Island is definitely by air, there are many flights going from Shenzhen to Haikou & Sanya everyday. By Bus: There are coach bus available at Shenzhen Yinhu Coach Bus Station. Ticket price is around RMB200. By Ferry: The ferry between Shenzhen to Hainan Island has [...]

Routes from Haikou To Sanya

Yalong Bay - Sanya - Hainan Island

It is 300km far from Kaikou to Sanya, anyway there are many ways traveling between these two cities. By bus Haikou South Bus Station: No. 32,  Nanhai Rd, Longhua District It takes 3 hours in journey, there are buses in the whole days with short time interval, the ticket price is around RMB80. By Express [...]

How to Get Visa To Hainan Island (Upon Arrival)

Haikou - Capital of Hainan Province

For American use only: The visa waiver program for Hainan Island does not include tourissts traveling alone. You must be a part of an international tourist group as described below: “Citizens holding ordinary passports issued by the following nations is exempted from applying for a visa if he or she joins international tourist group organized [...]

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