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How to get to West Lake in Hangzhou

West Lake - Hangzhou

From Hangzhou Train Station (Hangzhou City Station) to West Lake Actually the Hangzhou Train Station is not far from West Lake, go along with the West Lake Avenue where is opposite the station, it takes around 20 minutes to get to West Lake (South). Take Bus No. K95/Y2/K7/Y5/Y7 to get to West Lake as well. [...]

Nanjing & Hangzhou Railway Time Schedule

West Lake - Hangzhou

There is no direct high-speed rail traveling between these Nanjing & Hangzhou, but still you may take high-speed rail, it will go from Shanghai first then to the opposite city, so like this way, it will take more time on the journey, the whole journey for high-speed rail will take around 3 hours, the ticket [...]

Nanjing & Hangzhou Bus Time Schedule & Where to Take

Confucius Temple - Nanjing

There are long distance coaches traveling between Nanjing and Hangzhou, if you are traveling from Hangzhou to Nanjing, you need to take bus from Hangzhou North Bus Station, the opening time is from 6:50am to 19:00pm, 30 minutes interval, You need to take the bus from Nanjing Zhongyangmen Bus Station or Nanjing East Bus Station [...]

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