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Time Schedule from Kunming to Lijiang (Detail Routes)

Lijiang Ancient City | Suhe River

Flight: The full fare of the flight from Kunming to Lijiang is around CNY780, takes about 45minutes. It is 28km far from Lijiang airport to downtown, you may then take airport shuttle bus (from airport to Xinlantian Hotel, ticket fair CNY15), then take a taxi to Lijiang ancient city (CNY7-10), (Or you may take taxi [...]

Lijiang Hotel Recommendation & Suggestion

Soft Time Inn -Lijiang

Lodge/Guest House is really a landscape in Lijiang Ancient City, almost every guest house has its own character, bourgeois, lazy, Mediterranean style, Tibetan style or lively…, many tourists spend lot of time in staying in hotel. Hotels are too many in Lijiang, almost every main street, by-lane all full with guest house or inn, the [...]

Detail Route From Chengdu to Lijiang (Travel Guide)

Marquis Wu (WU Hou Temple) - Chengdu

Chengdu to Lijiang Lijiang ancient city is located in Yunan Province, it is built in the Southern Song Dynasty, it has 800-900 years history, Lijiang ancient city was known by its “two mountains, one city, one lake, one river, culture and its folk custom”, two mountains means: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain &  Laojun Mountain, one lake [...]

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