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Taiyuan To Zhangjiajie Routes

Zhangjiajie Forest Park

There is neither direct flight nor direct train between these two cities. So we suggest you to do the transfer by the following ways by train: Way 1: Take bullet train to Shijiazhuang (No. D2006/D2008/D2010) and then take train No. K267 to Zhangjiajie, if you want to go to Fenghuan(Phoenix) Ancient City, you may also [...]

How to Get Qiao’s Grand Countyard?

Qiao Family Courtyard not imagine the kind of ordinary in the courtyard, it is actually a castle.

Qiao’s Grand Courtyard is in Qixian Town, it’s not far from Pingyao Ancient City, you may either take bus from Pingyao or from Taiyuan. If you just finish visit at Pingyao Ancient City, you may just take a bus from Pingyao Railway Station, they are many buses available to Qiao’s Grand Courtyard.       [...]

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