Guangzhou to Zhuhai Detail Travel Routes

Guangzhou Train Station

Light Rail:

Light Rail has been opened between Guangzhou South Railway Station to Zhuhai N. Station, well it depends on where you are now, you need to know that the Zhuhai N. Station is located in Jinding Economic Development Zone where is still far away (around 50 minutes) to the downtown Zhuhai. The ticket fare is just CNY36, the opening time is from 6:30am to 8:15pm, it takes around 30 minutes for the whole journey, anyway, there are buses available at Zhuhai N. Railway Station to downtown.

If you are far away from Guangzhou S. Railway Station or Zhuhai N. Station, you may also take BUS in many places in Guangzhou, see below:

BUS from Guangzhou to Zhuhai

  • Guangzhou South Bus Station

Guangzhou S. Bus Station is just near by the South Railway Station, there are buses available to Xiangzhou, Gongbei Zhuhai.

  • Guangzhou Bus Main Station

Guangzhou Bus Main Station is just around the Guangzhou Train Station, so it will be convenient if you get off at Guangzhou Train Station. The bus travels every 15-30 minutes in the station, ticket fare is around CNY70, it takes around 2h and a half to get to Zhuhai.

  • Bus Station near Guangzhou East Railway Station

There are also bus station around Guangzhou East Railway Station, it’s easy to find out it.

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhuhai:

Get the No.9 Gate in the Arrival Hall, you may find the bus to Zhuhai. It costs CNY80 and takes around 180 minutes. By the way, the bus stops at Xiangzhou(香洲) and Tangjia(唐家) and finally gets to Gongbei.


Sorry, train is not available between these two cities.

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