Routes Zhuhai to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Zhuhai - Wai Lingding Island

From Zhuhai To Guangzhou Baiyun Airport:

Shuttle Bus:

There are departure lounge of Baiyun Airport at Zhuhai in following places, you may find your nearest departure lounge to get there, there are shuttle buses traveling between Baiyun Airport and the departure lounge very often:

1. Departure lounge Zhuhai of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (Xiangzhou): No.299 Meihua East Rd.,Zhuhai / 珠海市 香洲梅华东路 299 号(华南名宇对面人行天桥旁万山区前面原址不变)

2. Departure lounge Zhuhai of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (Gongbei): No.1 Lianhua Rd, Gongbei, Zhuhai (1st floor of Yongtong Hotel, downstairs of KFC) / 珠海市 拱北莲花路 1 号拱北汽车客运总站永通酒店一楼“肯德基”楼下

3. Departure lounge Zhuhai of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (Tangjia): No.1088 Gangwan Avenue, Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai  / 珠海市 唐家湾镇港湾大道 1088 号 ( 信禾唐家客运站内 )

Operation Time from Zhuhai to Baiyun Airport: 2.5-3 hours

Departure Time at Zhuhai: 05:30、06:20、07:10、07:50、08:30、09:00、 09:30、10:10、10:50、11:30、12:10、12:50、 13:40、14:20、15:00、15:40、16:20、17:00、 17:40、18:20

By Light Rail:

You may also take light rail from Zhuhai to Guangzhou South Railway Station, then take subway to Baiyun airport
Zhuhai North Railway Station: Jinfeng North Rd., High-tech Zone,ZhuhaiBus Line to Zhuhai North Railway Station: K1, 3A

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhuhai

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