Routes between Dalian & Jinan

Jinan Baotu Spring

Dalian is an important city in Liaoning province, Jinan is the capital of Shandong province, the cheapest way to travel between these two cities is flight, if you may book a air ticket in advance, you get a good discount and very cheap ticket price. The price will be around RMB300-400. Anyway you may still take both train and bus or ship, it just take more time in your journey.
Train Schedule Between Dalian & Jinan
There is only one train travel between Dalian & Jinan:
Dalian to Jinan

  • Train No.: T131/T134
  • Departure from Dalian: 12:00pm
  • Arrival at Jinan: 02:33am (next day)
  • Ticket price: CNY158
  • Operation time: 14 hours & 33 minutes

Jinan to Dalian:

  • Train No.: T132/T133
  • Departure from Jinan:00:53am
  • Arrival at Dalian: 14:37pm
  • Ticket price: CNY158
  • Operation time: 13 hours & 44 minutes

Dalian Railway Station address: No. 260 Changjiang Rd., Dalian

Jinan Railway Station address: No.19 Chezhan street, Tianqiao Dsitrict Jinan

Jinan to Dalian

  • Departure station from Dalian: Dalian Jianshe Street Bus Station
  • Departure time: 18:30
  • Operation time: 14 -16 hours
  • Ticket Price: CNY260

Bus & Ship Travel

You may take boat to Yantai city then get to Jinan or take coach bus to Yantai then take boat to Dalian. It is another cost effective way comparing to train travel. There are bus station around Dalian or Yantai port for passenger to transfer. Check below the detail about the traveling between Dalian & Yantai and Jinan & Yantai

Ship Schedule Between Dalian & Yantai

Bus Travel between Jinan & Yantai

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