Creative quotes are quite inspiring

Indeed – Creativity is so much more than being a musician, artist, dancer, singer, writer etc. It’s as humble as finding various ways to clean your office space, or being more efficient in the way you compile your data…. or even being creative in the way you show your appreciation to your boss for employing you (AND vice versa from the boss to the employee!!).

Whilst I am a marketer, the majority of my tasks as administrative. Bland some would say, but I inject my creativity in the way I write my social media posts, the way I structure the office, the way I dress, the attitude I exhibit on a daily basis, the formatting & colour schemes I use to create my work documents……. I encourage others to tap into their own creativity and inject it into the ‘blandest’ of tasks. Working from this standpoint makes the day go a lot quicker (!!) and creates a sense of fulfilment and joy. After all, it’s where we spend the majority of our time. :)

By the way, I deeply resonate with the information under the ‘Fight Against Conformity’ and ‘Take Responsibility’. This article is absolute GOLD.

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