How to define success concerning Arianna Huffington case

While I understand some of the comments concerning Arianna posted here, we as a society do have to take a look at how we define success. Power and money do not define me as a person.  Eighteen hour days are not realistic for most of us…we have families to take care of and errands that no one will run for us. Also, at some point during that 18 hour day, your creativity is out the window as you are too tired to think!  I have seen, though, companies that expect employees to be available 24/7. Email, laptops and smart phones, allow us to be connected at all times. There are bosses out there that expect you to check your email at 10:00 pm and reply if they have left you a task/message.(yes, I have worked for them). This is a corporate culture that does need to change and I am glad that there are companies that are doing so…do any of them need a nurse? :-) So learning to turn it off, get enough rest and let go of what you cannot fix/change is important to our well-being. I am hoping my children learn this much earlier than I did.

I’m fascinated by the number of people commenting who fall into, apparently, only two camps:  1. Trash Arianna the person in an attempt to discredit her without responding to any of the actual points she makes.  2. Love the points she makes and ignore the person’s life experiences entirely.  To #1, I would say “be careful of throwing stones”. To #2, I would say “everything has a context”.  To respond simply to the general concept behind the book Thrive, it seems to me that Arianna Huffington wrote this book because she woke up and realized that she needed to make a change in her own perception and actions. Her previous definition of success did not fit completely and she sought another way to attempt to fully define what success means in the modern age. I think any attempt to learn from our past so that we are not doomed to repeat it is admirable and should be lauded without denigrating into personal attacks.

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