performance reviews keep employees from climbing the ranks

In today’s corporate environment,performance reviews keep employees from climbing the ranks & are almost always given by a mid-level manager who grades on a subjective basis based on personal interactions. Too many times “preferable” employees are given hidden perks while someone else outside of the social circle takes the fall. In my experience I have found the best way to find out who are the best associates is to ask those outside of the management circle. The person working on the dock, manufacturing floor or the cleaning crew. These people know who stays late at night in their office just doing facetime and they know who comes in early & roll up their sleeves to help get that rush shipment out or the one who goes outside of the office to solve a customer issue. Ask for evaluation from the bottom not from the top, a tree cannot grow without strong roots.

Performance review done in an unbiased and fair way will enable the employee to see his/her drawbacks and focus on improving them . However in my service tenure of over 20 years what I have seen is performance review and ratings evaluation is done based on the reviewers personal liking or disliking, in other words the review has got nothing to do with what you have actually achieved but what your equation with the reviewer is. This practice leads to demotivation of the employee leading to losing interest in the job, in turn effecting the organization.

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