What drives US manufacturer return back to its country

In my opinion, cost is driving the decision process. If U. S. manfacturing is cheaper that foreign manufacturing PLUS the difference in shipping, the U. S. is chosen. But this decision has no loyalty. There is no permanence. This is why nations tariff. It protects domestic jobs and production from being outsourced. With the U. S. allowing manufacturing to go where wages, safety rules, environmental requirements, etc. are the cheapest, the U. S. has trouble competing. This is why NAFTA was bad. What is next? TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) It has been called “NAFTA on steroids”.

The U. S. created a lot of innovations. I believe that the U. S. does not manufacture televisions, computer memory, hard drives, even iPhones. Most American flags are made in other countries. 50 years ago, the top employers was GM and their workers made cars. Today, the top U. S. employer is Walmart. The company fights raising the minimum wage and the 6 Waltons are half of the top dozen wealthiest people in the U. S.  Apple has a huge amount of cash. It is overseas to evade taxation. Their manufacturing is done where it is cheapest.

The US does not have to be the cheapest, but have to create the most sustainable product and services. History showed that every country which started with cheap manufacturing eventually had rising wages and was getting higher standards of living. If you can deliver products that can be trusted and are durable (which most products where fifty years ago), I think you can also become a leading manufacturing country again.

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