Routes from Shanghai Airport to Shaoxing

Shanghai South Station | Indoor Glance

There are two airport in Shanghai, Hongqiao and Pudong airport, neither of them has the directly bus to get to Shaoxing, so we have the following routes for you to travel between these two points.

1. From Pudong Airport to Shanghai S. Coach Station or Shanghai S. Railway Station then to Shaoxing

1) You may take shuttle bus line No. 7 at airport, the destination is Shanghai S. Railway Station. (Ticket fare is CNY20, 1 hour)

2) When you get to Shanghai S. Railway Station, you may then choose high-speed rail to travel to Shaoxing, or you may find out Shanghai S. Bus Terminal to find a coach to Shaoxing, it’s up to you.

2. From Hongqiao Airport to Shaoxing

   1) Take Bus No. 941 (CNY4 from 6:30am – 20:30pm) to Shanghai Train Station, there than you may take train to Shaoxing

   2) Take Subway Line 10 then transfer to Subway Line 3 at Hongqiao Rd Station, then you may get to Shanghai S. Railway Station or Shanghai S. Bus Terminal (they are in the same place), you may take a bus or high-speed train to Shaoxing

Ticket fare by bus: CNY84 / 3 hours

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2 Responses to “Routes from Shanghai Airport to Shaoxing”

  1. Chahe Kassardjian says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need to go to Keqiao , Shaoxing,from Hongqiao airport. I’ll be arriving there at 9:00pm , I don’t know how to get to Keqiao since there are no buses available after that hour, even to get to the train station .
    Please reply to me asap.


    • admin says:

      Sorry, you have to stay at Shanghai in that night, and try to get to Keqiao the day after. Keqiao is just a small town since there is no bus available directly from Hongqiao Airport to Keqiao

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