Travel From Liuzhou to Guilin (Bus & Train)

Li River(Lijiang) & Yangshuo | Guilin's famous Tourist City

Buses are high Frequency traveling between Liuzhou and Guilin, you may take the coach from Liuzhou bus main terminal (at Wenbi Road), it starts in every 20-30 minutes from 7:20am to 21:30 pm, the ticket price is around CNY58. It takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes to get the other end.

You may also take train to travel between these two cities, the time schedule of train lines are listed as below, just take the suitable one you want:

Train Time Schedule From Liuzhou to Guilin

Train No. Train Type Departure Time Arrive 


Run Time Price 


1338/1335 regular Liuzhou/04:25 Guilin/07:07 02h42m CNY13
1558 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/22:02 Guilin/00:35 02h33m CNY 24
1562 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/17:36 Guilin/19:59 02h23m CNY 24
1562 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/17:36 Guilin North/20:16 02h40m CNY 26
1628 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/23:03 Guilin/01:23 02h20m CNY 24
2514 regular Liuzhou/22:40 Guilin/00:54 02h14m CNY 13
5506 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/16:23 Guilin/19:21 02h58m CNY 24
5506 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/16:23 Guilin North/19:47 03h24m CNY 26
5538 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/15:37 Guilin/19:05 03h28m CNY 24
5538 Regular + air-condition Liuzhou/15:37 Guilin North/19:36 03h59m CNY 26
K1138/K1135 Express Liuzhou/04:25 Guilin/07:05 02h40m CNY 27
K1192 Express Liuzhou/15:30 Guilin/18:48 03h18m CNY 27
K158 Express Liuzhou/23:44 Guilin/01:46 02h02m CNY 27
K182 Express Liuzhou/08:59 Guilin North/12:04 03h05m CNY 29
K316/K317 Express Liuzhou/14:40 Guilin/17:46 03h06m CNY 27
K38/K35 Express Liuzhou/15:00 Guilin/18:22 03h22m CNY 27
K394 Express Liuzhou/10:08 Guilin/12:37 02h29m CNY 27
K394 Express Liuzhou/10:08 Guilin/13:02 02h54m CNY 29
K458/K455 Express Liuzhou/04:16 Guilin/06:51 02h35m CNY 29
K538 Express Liuzhou/14:18 Guilin/17:17 02h59m CNY 27
K582/K583 Express Liuzhou/23:34 Guilin/02:06 02h32m CNY 27
K652/K653 Express Liuzhou/13:52 Guilin/16:52 03houes CNY 15
K652/K653 Express Liuzhou/13:52 Guilin North/17:51 03h59m CNY 16
K9302 Express Liuzhou/12:48 Guilin/15:18 02h30m CNY 27
K9304 Express Liuzhou/17:05 Guilin/19:34 02h29m CNY 27
K9304 Express Liuzhou/17:05 Guilin North/20:05 03hours CNY 29
K960 Express Liuzhou/11:14 Guilin/13:57 02h43m CNY 27
T190 Express Liuzhou/13:23 Guilin/15:30 02h07m CNY 30
T6 Express Liuzhou/11:23 Guilin/13:19 01h56m CNY 30
T8722 Express Liuzhou/10:54 Guilin/13:02 02h08m CNY 30


1. Distance between Liuzhou and Guilin is 176km

2. There are two Train Station in Guilin, one is Guilin Station, the other one is Guilin North Station

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