Traveling Between Guilin and Zhangjiajie (Detail Routes)

Li River(Lijiang) & Yangshuo | Guilin's famous Tourist City

If you would like also to visit at Zhangjiajie, you may first go to Zhangjiajie, then it will be very easy to take train or bus to Fenghuang in Zhangjiajie.

There is no direct train traveling from Guilin to Zhangjiajie, it is not easy to transfer from the 3rd station between these two cities for foreigner, so we suggest you to travel by bus, there is a luxury bus line between them, the time schedule is listed as below:

Whole journey : 850km

Ticket Fair: CNY228

Bus type: Neoplan

Station: Guilin Bus Station

Departure time: 7:30 PM

Arrive Time: 6:30 AM

(Make sure to check with the bus station at first if there’s any change)

Li River(Lijiang) & Yangshuo | Guilin's famous Tourist City

However you may still take train to Zhangjiajie,

Guilin – Changsha – Zhangjiajie (Train)

The Train Time schedule from Guilin to Changsha:

Train No.


Departure -Arrive

Operation Time

Ticket Price


Guilin North Station – Changsha

07:07 – 18:31

11 Hours 24minutes

Seat CNY 92 Sleeper CNY 170


Guilin – Changsha

13:28 – 20:32

7 Hours 4 minutes

Seat CNY 76 Sleeper CNY143


Guilin – Changsha

15:36 – 22:37

7 Hours 1 minutes

Seat CNY 76 Sleeper CNY143


Guilin – Changsha

01:06 – 12:08

11 Hours2 minutes

Seat CNY 38 Sleeper CNY 86


Guilin – Changsha

01:31 – 11:35

10 Hours 4 minutes

Seat CNY 67 Sleeper CNY 134

You may refer to the article: Routes between Changsha to Zhangjiajie


Guilin – Liuzhou – Zhangjiajie (Train)

Many trains from Guilin to Liuzhou from 04:39 am to 23:26 pm, so you may just go to train station and take the latest line, then there are two trains available from Liuzhou to Zhangjiajie, the time schedule is as below:

Train No.: K1474, departure time: 21:47, arrive to Zhangjiajie at 9:24 am

Train No.: 2012, departure time: 21:09, arrive to Zhangjiajie at 8:20 am

Train No.: 1806/1807, departure time: 03:40, arrive to Zhangjiajie at 16:19 am

Distance: 681km

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One Response to “Traveling Between Guilin and Zhangjiajie (Detail Routes)”

  1. Cherry says:

    There is a direct long distance bus that runs between Fenghuang and Guilin. You need go to Guilin Bus Terminal(桂林汽车总站) to take the bus. There is only one bus. It leaves at 10:00 and the ticket is 130 RMB. The bus journey takes about 7 hours.

    However, you have to contact the bus station to make sure that the bus operates on the day you leave. Somebody said that it is not a regular bus.

    The other option is: take bus or train from Guilin to Liuzhou first and then take train to Jishou(吉首) or Huaihua(怀化). Finally take bus to Fenghuang.

    Guizhou to Liuzhou by train: there are many trains. Just choose one according to your schedule.
    By bus: Guilin Bus Station(桂林汽车站). Location: No.65, South Zhongshan Road.
    PS: Guilin Railway Station is on the same street.

    Liuzhou – Jishou – Fenghuang: take train 2012 or 1474 to Jishou. Then take a taxi (about 5 RMB) to Jishou South Bus Station(吉首汽车南站) to take regular air-conditioned bus to Fenghuang. It departs every 20 minutes and takes about 80 minutes. The ticket is about 15 RMB.

    Liuzhou – Huaihua – Fenghuang: take K837/836, K586/587, K651/654, 2012 or 1474 to Huaihua. Then take a taxi to Huaihua West Bus Station(怀化汽车西站). There you can take bus to Fenghuang. It costs 32 RMB per person. The journey takes about 2.5 hours.

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