Travels from Nanjing to Mt. Huangshan (Time Schedule)

Huangshan Sea of Cloud

There are two ways to get to Mountain Huangshan from Nanjing, train and bus, the fastest bus line is just 4 hours, just get below the time table for the bus and train the best for you.

Train Time Schedule from Nanjing to Huangshan City

Train No.     Start Time     Arrive Time

K8418 Nanjing  01:15  Huangshan  09:05

K45 Nanjing 01:40     Huangshan  07:33

7101 Nanjing 05:32     Huangshan  14:30

2239 Nanjing 13:33    Huangshan  20:53

K25 Nanjing 15:44    Huangshan  21:24

K155 Nanjing 16:41    Huangshan  23:04

K782/K783 Nanjing 16:50   Huangshan  00:27

K224/K221 Nanjing 17:36    Huangshan  23:41

2521 Nanjing 22:21    Huangshan  05:07

Bus Time Schedule & Ticket Fair from Nanjing to Huangshan City

Bus No.  Departure Time Bus Stop Terminal Duration Bus Type Ticket Fair

ZK3695 07:00  Nanjing Zhongyangmen – Huangshan  Hyundai  6hours CNY91.0

ZK3010 13:20  Nanjing Zhongyangmen – Huangshan    6hours Jinlong   CNY91.0

KK8403 13:40   Nanjing East Bus Station – Huangshan   4Hours   *    CNY91.0

KK1786 19:30    Nanjing Zhongyangmen – Huangshan  4Hours   Daewoo CNY103.0

Note: The train will just arrive to Huangshan City, you need still take a bus to Mt. Huangshan from the train station, in addition, to make sure where the bus will arrive, in Huangshan City Bus Station or Tunxi before you take the bus. It’s better to take the bus direct to Tunxi Town if the bus do get there, see here the detail about How to Travel to Mt. Huangshan & Hotels/Price on Mt. Huangshan

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