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Transportation Between Shanghai & Kunshan

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - Glance of the Hall

Kunshan is just 50km far from Shanghai, so there are many ways to get there, if you are at Shanghai Train Station, you may just take a high-speed train (CRH) to get to Kunshan, it’s very fast, takes you around 18 minutes to Kunshan, and the trains travels very often between these two cities. You [...]

Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway To be Opened

VIP Sightseeing Carriage |Shanghai-Beijing High-speed Railway

The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway is going to be opened at the end of June 2011, it is the one-time built longest, highest technical standard high-speed railway, the overall length is 1318km from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The design speed is 350km, the highest speed is 300km at the initial operation. [...]

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