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Meaning of Slang “hella”,”thick” and “beets”

Some of my American friends also say some words like below: “hella” “thick” also use “beets”…..  I don’t know how exactly they mean? ————– A1: Ah, “hella” is California slang! It means “a lot” or “very”. Ex. “That ride was hella scary.” means “That ride was very scary.” “Thick” in a slang form is “dumb”, not [...]

How to understand “Be to do sth”?

What grammar rule is “are to find”. Men need to work far away from home if they are to find employment. What I understand in the following sentence is “want to find”. If they want to find employment, the men need to work far away from home. Thank you very much for your help. ———— [...]

Pronunciation of 3rd tone words in Chinese

How do you pronounce several 3rd tone words in a row in Mandarin? I understand the 3rd tone rule with two 3rd tone words next to each other: hěn hǎo / 很好 would be read aloud as hén hǎo. But how do you pronounce “wǒ hěn xiǎng dǎ lán qiú / 我很想打篮球” with so many [...]

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