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Routes from Foshan To Zhaoqing

QixinYan Memorial Archway

1. Train: There are total 19 trains going from Foshan to Zhaoqing, price range is from RMB14 to RMB141, it takes around 1 – 2 hours between these two cities. 2. Bus: There are buese available from 8:10 morning to 7:00 in the afternoon, it departs in every 30 minutes, it takes around 1 hour [...]

Routes from Foshan To Huizhou

Foshan Zumiao

1. Train: There is only one train goes across from Foshan to Huizhou, the ticket of hard seat is RMB25, it takes around 2 hours and a half to arrive to Huizhou.Train No.: K232/K229 Foshan – Huizhou, Departure time: 18:35pm, arrival: 21:11pm. 2. Bus: The ticket price from Foshan to Huizhou is RMB60, it takes [...]

Routes from Foshan To Zhongshan

Foshan Zumiao

Bus: Ticket price is CNY35, it takes 2 hours Light Rail: You can only take light rail at Shunde, it takes CNY20 and 40 minutes in journey

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