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Location of Guilin Civil Aviation Mansion

Civil Aviation Mansion Guilin

Guilin Civil Aviation Mansion is located in NO.18, Shanghai Rd., Xiang Shan District, it’s a business hotel which is just 10 minutes far from both bus station and train station, it is also not far from Lijiang River, just 500 meter! The most important is that it’s very convenient for people who come from airport, Civil [...]

Bus Travel from Guangzhou to Guilin via Yangshuo

Lijiang & Yangshuo

There is now highspeed way from Guangzhou to Guilin, so you may also take a long-distance bus traveling from Guangzhou to Guilin or Yangshuo. For traveling with bus, you may take bus at Guangzhou Bus Station nearby Guangzhou Train Station, the bus is available at 09:10 11:30 13:00 20:30 22:30 23:30 in everyday, it goes [...]

Routes from Guilin Airport to Downtown

Li River(Lijiang) & Yangshuo | Guilin's famous Tourist City

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the only airport in Guilin, and is about 30KM from the center of the city. To get to downtown, you can: 1. Take the Airport Bus. There will be an airport bus waiting for the passengers after each flight, at the exit of the arrival hall. It takes about 40mins [...]

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