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Travel Between Shenzhen & Dali

Dali Ancient City

There is no train available between Shenzhen and Dali, so the travel by air between these two cities is the first choice due to the long distance. and you have to get to Kunming (the capital of Yunan province) in transit , and then find a way to get to Dali We suggest you to [...]

Location of Meilin Checkpoint Shenzhen

Congestion of Meilin Checkpoint

Meilin Checkpoint was one the boarder to divide the Shenzhen special administrative region, people who want to enter into the special zone needs a special Border pass. In recent years, along with integration process of whole Shenzhen city, the boarder facilities is weaken step by step, people can go across the checkpoint easily without any [...]

Ways between Shenzhen to Hainan Island

Haikou - Capital of Hainan Province

By Air: The fatest way traveling between Shenzhen and Hainan Island is definitely by air, there are many flights going from Shenzhen to Haikou & Sanya everyday. By Bus: There are coach bus available at Shenzhen Yinhu Coach Bus Station. Ticket price is around RMB200. By Ferry: The ferry between Shenzhen to Hainan Island has [...]

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