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Transportation Between Shanghai & Kunshan

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - Glance of the Hall

Kunshan is just 50km far from Shanghai, so there are many ways to get there, if you are at Shanghai Train Station, you may just take a high-speed train (CRH) to get to Kunshan, it’s very fast, takes you around 18 minutes to Kunshan, and the trains travels very often between these two cities. You [...]

How to get to Splendid China & China Folk Culture Villages Shenzhen

Splendid China | Shenzhen

Splendid China & Chinas’ Folk Culture Villages are located at overseas Chinese city Nanshan Dist., it is also nearby Window of the world, so they can be the same travel route if you want to visit all of them. Splendid China is a theme park where integrates with the world biggest, most most abundant imaging [...]

How to get to Window of the World Shenzhen

Window of world | Look at the gate, the subway station is right under it|Shenzhen

Window of the World Shenzhen is located at overseas Chinese city Nanshan Dist., it is a famous scenic spots, it covers 48 square metres, Window of the world is a theme park which integrates with world wonders, historical interest, ancient and modern attractions and folk songs and performances, the spots in the park is copied [...]

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