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Ways from Huangshan Train Station To Tangkou

Entrance of Mt.Huangshan

May people worry about the way from Huangshan Train Station to Tangkou, yes, if you are planning to travel in Huangshan Mountain, you need to pay attention to the route after you get off the train at Huangshan station, there are still a little bit long distance from train station to Huangshan Mountain. 1stly there [...]

Ways How to Get Mt. Huangshan (Detail Guide)

Entrance of Mt.Huangshan

Mountain Huangshan traffic introduction (Important if you are the first time to visit in Mt. Huang): In general context, Huangshan means Mt. Huang scenic spot, if you are going to take Train or Bus for your trip, you may only get to Huangshan City where is still a little far away to Mt. Huangshan (Huangshan [...]

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