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Travels from Nanjing to Mt. Huangshan (Time Schedule)

Huangshan Sea of Cloud

There are two ways to get to Mountain Huangshan from Nanjing, train and bus, the fastest bus line is just 4 hours, just get below the time table for the bus and train the best for you. Train Time Schedule from Nanjing to Huangshan City Train No.     Start Time     Arrive Time K8418 Nanjing  01:15  Huangshan [...]

Nanjing & Hangzhou Railway Time Schedule

West Lake - Hangzhou

There is no direct high-speed rail traveling between these Nanjing & Hangzhou, but still you may take high-speed rail, it will go from Shanghai first then to the opposite city, so like this way, it will take more time on the journey, the whole journey for high-speed rail will take around 3 hours, the ticket [...]

Shenzhen to Changsha Train Time Table

Mt. Yuelu Shan Scenic Region - Changsha

Intercity Express Train are available from Guangzhou to Changsha at the moment (will be soon through from Shenzhen), it takes just 2 hours and a half to get there. If you want take train trip from Shenzhen to Changsha, we suggest you to transfer from Guangzhou. The Intercity Express Train travels from Guangzhou South Railway [...]

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